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Why does the capital market have a special preference for hydrogen fuel cells?
2021/6/18 16:00:40

In China, to achieve the strategic goal of "double carbon" means to carry out a broad and profound systematic reform of economic society and energy structure, which forces the energy system to be zero carbonized and the industrial system to be de carbonized and low carbonized. The hydrogen fuel cell is bound to attract the attention of the major capital markets.

Lu Bingbing, general manager of SAIC's jie hydrogen technology, said: "hydrogen energy will be integrated into the terminal energy system and complemented with electric power. In the future, hydrogen energy will become the main body of terminal energy consumption and will bring more than 10 trillion yuan of emerging industries." National strategy, policy support and industry technology development will make hydrogen energy stand at a new starting point.

In summary, during this period, capital markets and institutions are most sensitive to the trend of hydrogen energy industry.

"Recently, institutions began to pay close attention to the investment target of hydrogen energy industry chain." Liu Kun, a strategic consultant of Great Wall Motors and partner of strategic positioning consulting in China, told reporters that electric and intelligent are the most popular concepts at present. However, in just a few months, major Internet, it and technology enterprises have entered one after another, making the track suddenly extremely crowded, and some investors have begun to look for new targets.

Why investors choose hydrogen fuel cell industry? Wang Ju told reporters that today's fuel cell vehicles are just like the electric vehicles more than ten years ago, that is, in 2009. They are in the early stage of development. There are many doubts and problems. However, in the past ten years, the achievements of electric vehicles in China are obvious to all, and the future fuel cell vehicles will emerge like pure electric vehicles“ It is precisely seeing this potential that the primary market now pays special attention to the fuel cell industry. A new potential industry will have a higher rate of return in the early stage. " Wang Ju said.

Liu Kun also said that at present, fuel cell vehicles lag behind electric vehicles by about 11 years. It is estimated that the period from 2021 to 2023 corresponds to the promotion stage of electric vehicles from 2010 to 2012, which is the initial market introduction period. At present, it is the best strategic opportunity for enterprises to lay out hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

At present, many incentive policies for hydrogen fuel cell industry have been issued by national ministries and local governments. According to the statistics of orange Society Research Institute, from 2017 to the end of 2020, there are 105 policy documents related to hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry issued by local governments in China, involving 22 provinces and cities in China.

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Since the beginning of this year, Beijing, Hebei, Guangdong, Hainan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces have issued plans involving hydrogen related industries, and there are numerous industrial incentive policies at the municipal and district levels.

As the leader of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai has recently released the implementation plan of Shanghai to accelerate the development of new energy vehicle industry (2021-2025), the management measures of Shanghai fuel cell vehicle hydrogenation station construction and operation, and the special layout plan of Shanghai vehicle hydrogenation station, and other supporting policies are being studied and formulated.

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