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EOS 300 fuel cell
Advantages of EOS 300 fuel cell products:

Light weight, small size, easy to carry;

Silent design;

Simple structure and high reliability;

It has fast start-up speed and short response time, which is suitable for various application environments;

It has good adaptability to various weather changes;

The control strategy is simple and easy to integrate into various application systems.

EOS series fuel cells are based on PASH technology of Pearl hydrogen. This technology can ensure the stable and reliable operation of air-cooled self humidifying fuel cell in various complex and changeable natural environment.

EOS 300 fuel cell is a complete fuel cell system, but its high degree of integration makes the whole system structure extremely simple. The whole system includes: fuel cell stack, fan, electronic control panel and solenoid valve. 300W rated power, compact shape and excellent environmental adaptability make it very suitable for mobile standby power supply and vehicle auxiliary power supply. At the same time, it can also be used in electric bicycles and other small vehicles.