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New hydrogen fuel cell bike unveiled in Shanghai

2007-09-06 15:59 by marketing

A new hydrogen fuel cell-powered bike has been unveiled in Shanghai, it has been revealed.

The bike, which has been developed by the Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Source Technology Company, was on display at the Ninth China International Exhibition on Gas Technology, Equipment and Applications held at Shanghaimart.

Despite the fact that the bike was only finished last month, Tian Binglun, Shanghai Pearl's general manager, has made it known that a number of trial orders have already been placed, while enquires have also been made by interested overseas buyers.

"Most of the buyers at present are individuals keen on clean energy applications," Mr Tian told Shanghai Daily. "The innovative bike also attracted the attention of many visitors to the fair today," he added.

The bike will cost around RMB20,000 (?,300) although demand is likely to be curtailed by a lack of hydrogen fuelling stations.However, Mr Tian said Shanghai Pearl was willing to help customers in this area. "Hydrogen gas is not supplied through a network, unlike gasoline, but we could provide a list of designated gas suppliers in future," he said.

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